Hard wood bed 916#

$ 459.00 $699.00
Quantity 10 piece

A whole bed frame, including headboard, footboard, bed base, bed sides and mid beam. No need a box, just put a mattress on it.

Headboard, footboard made of hard wood, bed sides made of high load-bearing plank, bed base and mid beam made of fir wood.

Adjustable bed sides allow you to use mattress of different thicknesses.
Excellent bed, regular marketing price almost $1000.

Queen   size                           Sale: $459   Reg: $699 
(color: crabapple, tea)
King      size                           Sale: $559   Reg: $999 
(color: crabapple, tea, clear)
(W193cm, L202cm/ W76”, L79.5”)
Clear color sample
Tea color sample
dark brown color sample
crabapple color sample