thin spring mattress

thin spring mattress,famous brand. high-quality spring.20-year Limited Warranty. Hardness:really firmSingle size   Christmas  Sale: $199   Reg:  $499 (W98c

$ 199.00 $499.00

thin spring mattress,famous brand. high-quality spring.
20-year Limited Warranty.

Hardness:really firm

Single size   Christmas  Sale: $199   Reg:  $499 
(W98cm, L190cm, H10cm/W38.5”, L75”, H4")

Double size  Christmas  Sale: $259   Reg:  $599 
(W136cm, L190cm, H10cm/W53.5”, L75”, H4")

Queen size   Christmas  Sale: $299   Reg:  $759 
(W152cm, L202cm, H10cm/W60”, L79.5”, H4")

King   size    Christmas  Sale: $399   Reg:  $899 
(W193cm, L202cm, H10cm/ W76”, L79.5”, H4")

Mattress Care and Maintenance:
These mattresses are designed to be used on one side only. They must be rotated from end to end only. Rotate every 2 weeks for the first 4 months then 3 monthly thereafter.